Digital Check-In

Digital Check-in Instructions:

Please make sure to check-in online on the date of your arrival. This process has been implemented for your own safety.

Read the following instructions for a swift and easy registration:

  1. One person must complete this process for all guests sharing a room.
  2. Visit the following link 'web registration'
  3. Submit the reference number found on your voucher.
  4. Read and accept the terms & conditions.
  5. Click on your room number link (highlighted in blue) and fill in the form provided, click save and you have successfully completed this step. Your personal status should change from ‘empty’ to ‘signed’.
  6. Kindly repeat the process for guest(s) you are sharing a room with.
  7. Finally, when you receive the message: ‘Successful Registration. Thank you and enjoy your stay’, it means you have successfully completed the entire process.
Wi-Fi: Peninsula Resort | Username: peninsula | Password: 811313