Covid-19 Announcement

Change in Hotel's Standard Cancellation Policy for this Season: 

Super Flexible: The guest can cancel free of charge up to 3 days before arrival. No prepayment needed. 

*The guest will be charged the total price of the reservation if they cancel within the 3 days before arrival. 
If guest doesn't show up they will be charged the total price of the reservation. 

For online reservations with arrival date between June 1st 2020 – October 30th 2020

  • All reservations are eligible for modification. Dates can be changed without any extra fees (apart from the rate difference according to period)
  • In case of refundable reservations, guests have the ability to cancel free of charge up to 3 days prior to arrival date 
Please note: If you have made a reservation through a tour operator or an online travel agency, please contact your provider for further assistance. 

Here are the official control measures we will be implementing for the 2020 season.


At the Peninsula Resort & Spa we are fully committed to the well-being of our guests, employees and local community. As this global pandemic continues to unfold, we will remain vigilant, closely monitoring the rapidly changing global events. Currently, we are mobilizing our staff and have begun training each department via e-learning platforms to ensure that we can resume operation with minimal risk. In an effort to put our guests at ease, we have updated our health and safety policies and will continue to do so based on the latest advice and guidelines provided by our National Public Health Organization and the WHO. 

Kindly take note of the key measures we will be implementing: 

  1. A health officer will be appointed for each department. He/she will be responsible for their department (e.g. F&B, Housekeeping, etc.) Each staff member will have designated roles and responsibilities based on the way individual services will now operate within the resort.
  2. Education and training of staff members with regards to control and hygiene measures will continually be refreshed. 
  3.  Personal protective equipment will be provided to all members of staff. Spare hygiene kits will always be available at our Front Desk. 
  4. Appropriate configuration of Front Desk: incorporation of floor markings at a distance of two meters where the customer will stand / appropriate distance marking in the waiting area, proper arrangement of furniture and proper queue management in order to reduce waiting time. 
  5.  Digital check-in will be employed as opposed to paper check-ins. Cash payments are not advised. 
  6.  Sanitizer dispensers will be provided in all common areas (masks and gloves will be available upon request). 
  7.  Ground markings and signalization will be utilized to maintain safe distances between guests and staff in various public areas. 
  8.  Cleaning and disinfection of all common areas (including swimming pools, playgrounds, restaurants, food & beverage outlets, entertainment areas) will be amplified. 
  9.  Common areas will be adapted based on the requirements and recommendations of the local health authorities. 
  10.  When possible, in all restaurants with an “Open Buffet” service, the meals selected by guests will be served by staff. Protection measures will be incorporated on all counters. If necessary, there will be an extension of the length of time that restaurants operate for the better rotation of visitors. 
  11. Entrance to the kitchen will be strictly monitored with all staff members following strict hygiene protocols. 
  12.  Cleaning of all guest rooms will be more vigilant. The replacement of linen and sheets will be supervised. Towels will not be changed daily as per Government recommendations (only upon request).  
  13. We will do our best to provide a 24 hour vacancy period for all rooms between guests’ arrival so that they can be cleaned and ventilated well. 
  14. The entertainment program (including the Mini-Club and opening hours of swimming pools will be adapted based on government decisions). Our indoor pool and Spa will not operate this season. 
  15. Payment with credit card is encouraged – with contactless payments wherever possible. Payment terminals will be systematically disinfected. 
  16. All our preventative measures against COVID-19 will be clearly communicated to our guests through our staff members, flyers and infographics in designated locations within the complex. 
  17. Any employee that presents a fever or other symptoms related to COVID-19 will be placed in a 14-day quarantine. Staff members who do not follow strict protocols will be let go. 
  18. If one of our guests tests positive for COVID-19, we will comply with the latest protocol provided by the World Health Organization in conjunction with Government guidelines. This is a process that is constantly changing. Our team will work closely with a doctor that has been trained for COVID-19. He/she will employ the use of portable PCR testing as well as practice telemedicine to examine suspected or confirmed cases.
What more can you do on your end to protect yourself?

  • Wash your hands frequently or use our dispensers with hand sanitizer
  • Cough into a paper towel that you throw away and then wash your hands 
  • If you do not have a paper towel, cough in your elbow to prevent air droplets from spreading
  • Avoid touching your face: eyes, nose and mouth
  • Maintain social distancing 
  • Avoid handshakes and hugs

Further recommendations include:

  • We recommend that guests avoid using elevators. Disinfectants will be installed adjacent to them and should be used upon entrance and exit. Furthermore, if you do use the elevators, we advise that guests from different rooms do not use the elevator at the same time. 
  • We ask guests to kindly respect the ground markings and to not move furniture around (outside designated boundaries). 
  • If a guest is feeling unwell or exhibits slight symptoms, we ask that he/she stops using the communal areas immediately and duly notifies a member of staff. 
  • We encourage guests to share their seating tables and sun-beds with members of their family or their travel companions only. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.