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Green Thinking

As a hotel we understand that the Earth’s resources are not infinite and that there exists a great need to preserve the natural environment if we want ourselves, and future generations to continue to enjoy it. As such since 2012 we have begun slowly but surely minimizing the impact of our operations to environment. Below we summarize current practices that contribute to this ‘Green Thinking' policy:

Energy & Recycling

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  • Solar energy panels are used for heating water
  • Energy efficient light bulbs are installed in most areas
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Double acting glass doors
  • Individual A/C Units with individual control
  • Cotton towels and linens for bathroom and bedroom use
  • Hot and cold water pipe insulation

You will notice that white is one of the theme colours of the hotel. This is not solely for visual purposes but also helps reflect the sun and thus maintain cooler temperatures in the hotel. This is particularly important in the summer season where temperatures can be very high. Hopefully, this in turn reduces the need for the A/C and the consumption of energy.

Biodiversity, Health and Organic Products

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  • Recycled water is used for watering the gardens
  • The hotel owns its own olive trees, which are used for the hotel’s olive oil and olives
  • Batteries, glass, metal, paper and plastic as well as cooking oil are all recycled
  • Use of bio fertilizers for the gardens
  • Gas stoves in kitchen
  • Liquid soap dispensers in public toilets
  • Local organic products are preferred
  • Many rooms and bungalows are spread within the dense gardens of the hotel
  • The local plants and flowers add freshness to the microclimate and enable the rainwater to reach the soil